About Me

Specialising in Wedding and Fashion Photography, Ameer Ismail is an excellent choice, to capture your special and important moments. Ameer Ismail has been providing these services since 2016 and is truly passionate about photography, he provides his services to those that require wedding pictures, fashion and model portfolio photoshoots. The wedding photography that he provides is exceptional, and he has slowly gained recognition throughout Durban as one of  the best wedding photographers in the industry.


“I love challenges, which led a special interest in Wedding and Fashion photography. I enjoy capturing people and emotions.”



What Clients Has He Worked With In The Past?

His clients include Tempest Media, Enens Fashion Boutique, and the Eastern Bridal Fair. He has also done work for Incredible Media, and he is constantly taking on more clients. If you would like to take advantage of his ability to capture those perfect moments, complete with emotion, you will certainly enjoy every moment captured on your special day. If you have a wedding coming up, or even a fashion shoot that you would like to have done, Ameer Ismail will be ready to help you.


Ameer Ismail Photography

Ameer Ismail specializes in Weddings and High End Fashion Photography. His work has been described by many as unique, timeless and poetic with a strong focus on storytelling. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

Call: 079 161 5761 | info@ameerismailphotography.com  | 20 Donalen Pl, Lenham, Durban, 4068

079 161 5761